Debate Over Appomattox Sewer Line

Appomattox, VA - Emotions are running high in Appomattox, concerning the installation of a sewer line. The town previously proposed a plan to the Board of Supervisors. Monday night, the board rejected it on a 3-2 vote.

ABC 13 spoke with the town's mayor Tuesday. He thought the sewer proposal was a pretty good deal for the board.

The town offered to fund the installation of the sewer line at no cost to the county. The only thing they did ask was to extend the town boundary line. The board majority didn't like that idea.

This is an issue that some Appomattox citizens are fired up over.

"I'm just asking you all to use your common sense, I know you've all got it," said Tommy Lawson, Appomattox County resident.

Tommy Lawson lives in Appomattox County, but also owns property in the town.

"Do the right thing," said Lawson.

He says adding the sewer line will only help the town grow.

"We've had many businesses want to come in here, and they turned us down because we don't have the water and the sewage," said Lawson.

The chair of the Appomattox Board of Supervisors, Jerry Small, voted down the current proposal, but not because he doesn't want a sewer line.

"You say that pretty much everyone wants the sewer line?" we asked Small.

"Everybody does, yeah. I don't know anybody that doesn't want the sewer line. The key is how do we make sure it's the best benefit for everybody," said Small.

Mayor Paul Harvey says the town's proposal is to extend town limits from the Lazer Wash to Police Tower Road. Jerry Small says he's concerned about what's going to happen to the people who live in between.

"We've lost Thomasville, we have a high unemployment, and right now additional taxation is not what we need," said Small.

Mayor Paul Harvey says the proposal offered a 10 year rebate plan to keep the people affected from having to pay town taxes for a while. But Small says he'd like to see other options like having a Utility Authority take over.

"Then it wouldn't be for the town or county to make any decisions. It would just be that utility authority. It would make it so much simpler," said Small.

Small says the board has not given up on the sewer line by any means. At the next meeting he and other board members will offer a counter proposal that gives the town a list of alternatives to the current sewer proposal.