Dearington Elem. Principal Demoted

Lynchburg, VA - Parents at Dearington Elementary school in Lynchburg are furious. Their beloved principal has been demoted. Terrie Haley will be a teacher, not a principal effective July 1 of this year.

You may remember, back in February, Haley's supporters packed a School Board meeting, showing solidarity for the school principal. At the time, the demotion was just rumor; now, it's a fact.

Parents can't believe it's happening. But, it's true. Written in black and white on a school board report, Terrie Haley is reassigned to a teaching position.

"We want our principal back, that's what we want to see happen," said Kelly Brown-Hampton.

Kelly Brown-Hampton is president of the Dearington Elementary PTO. She's taken the helm in supporting Haley.

"She has questions, my parents have questions, the community has questions that Dr. Brabrand has not answered," said Brown-Hampton.

Back in February, a Lynchburg School Board meeting was wall to wall, most there in support of Haley keeping her job. In fact, Haley herself made an appearance, but{}avoided speculation of her demotion and stuck strictly to the agenda item.

According to the PTO president, Haley's been on administrative leave for weeks, saying Haley's only option was step down from principal to teacher, or resign. Parent Angela Lawson says if Haley's not principal, her kids are leaving.

"We actually had a conversation last night, if Mrs. Haley was not to return to Dearington, did they still want to go, and all of them decided that they did not," said Lawson.

Speculation swirls as to the reason behind the demotion. School administration will not comment, citing the demotion as a personnel matter. Now, the question remains: Where will Haley's career go next?

"She loves teaching and she loves children, so I don't think that she would completely leave, but if she did, who could blame here?"{}said Lawson.

The PTO president tells ABC 13 that Haley does not want to comment on camera just yet. But, she might in the future. An online petition is circulating on Haley's behalf. So far, it has 400 signatures, including from school staff.