Dealing With Mold After a Flood

Lynchburg, VA- After the flooding ends some of the biggest problems begin for homeowners. The Centers for Disease Control says any building that's been wet for more than 48 hours, should be presumed to contain mold.

The CDC says mold grows best in warm, damp environments, and a flooded home is the perfect breeding ground.

Now contrary to belief, for most people, undisturbed mold is not a big health hazard. It's more of a danger to people with health conditions like asthma or weakened immune systems. Also, many mold species do not cause infection.

However, if the mold is infectious or if it is disturbed, it can make you sick, so it's important to get it taken care of quickly.

If you believe your house may have mold, you want to do a very thorough inspection of the area you think may be contaminated. If you find a significant amount of mold, the best thing to do is contact a professional.

The professional will come in, eliminate any moisture you still have, kill the mold using disinfectants, and work with you on what can be saved or what should be thrown away.