Deadline Looms For Remaining Virginian Residents

Lynchburg, VA- Sunday is the August 31 deadline for the roughly 25 residents left at Lynchburg's largest low income housing complex. The Virginian will officially close its doors on that day. However, according to the Executive Director of the Lynchburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority, Dawn Fagan, no one will be thrown out on the streets. All of the original 80 residents were given vouchers to subsidize low income housing and the majority of them have been able to find new homes but Fagan told ABC 13 News that the remaining residents have been granted extensions beyond Aug. 31. "As long as they are able to prove that they are actively looking for housing," Fagan said the tenants can be granted up to two individual 30 day extensions beyond the original deadline. Duane Eric Glover, a retired Marine veteran, said he had fifteen applications in with various apartment complexes and was waiting to hear back. When asked if the Housing Authority was helpful in his search, he said, "As of the present time, I'm gonna say no, because I'm not in them (an apartment)."

However, Fagan told ABC 13 that while her staff will remain available after the Virginian staff leaves on Friday, "We are not legally responsible for finding the house. The voucher allows the person to take that voucher and go find a unit." Fagan said she was "very confident," that all remaining tenants would be relocated and said that as of Thursday morning she was fielding calls from landlords who were willing to take on remaining residents.

A grant through Centra Health is being distributed through a non-profit group to help tenants place security and utility deposits in their new homes, Fagan said.