DCC And DRMC Collaborate To Offer Radiologic Technology Degree

Danville, VA - Danville Community College has partnered with Danville Regional Medical Center to offer a new degree.

The school announced Thursday that you will be able to get an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Radiologic Technology at DCC.

Having the degree should open a lot of doors for employment for people in our area.

Inside a room at DRMC, students learn a new career. For Susan Norton, it's her second time around.
"I just took the plunge and did it," said Norton.
Norton went from banking to studying radiologic technology at DRMC.
"I feel like I'm helping someone and I just love it," said Norton.
Now Norton along with her classmates will get a DCC Associates Degree. Radiologic Technology has been an established area of study at DCC and DRMC since 2003. Now, however, a new mandate requires graduates to get a degree instead of just a certificate.
"It was a huge shock to us when they came up and said you've got to have a degree now. So we had to come up with a way to provide our students with the opportunity to get a degree," said Kevin Murray, Director of Radiologic Technology Program.
Murray worked with DCC to get the degree program in place. It will take them two years, but he says it's worth it.
"We can almost guarantee that they will be employed within a few months of graduation," said Murray.
The jobs have an average salary of $55,000. It's something Norton looks forward to when she graduates this August.
"I feel very prepared," said Norton.
The school accepts 12 students a year into the program, which has a 90% graduation rate.

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