Day Two of Fenton Terry's Murder Trial in Danville

Danville, VA - Prosecutors continued to make their case Thursday against Fenton Terry, accused of killing a woman and dumping her body in a ditch. Terry's murder trial in Danville entered a second day Thursday.

He's accused of shooting Kendra Stokes and then leaving her body in a ditch. Her body was found off Route 29 in April of last year.

The jury watched video evidence Thursday from Terry talking to detectives just days after Stokes' death.

In the video, Terry said he spoke with Stokes about buying marijuana but then changed his answer several times saying it was actually not Stokes.

Wednesday, a witness testified that Stokes exchanged $800 for what she knew to be fake marijuana then got into Terry's car.

Police testified that Terry changed his answers about what time he may have lent his car and phone to a friend on the night of her death.

An inmate testified Thursday that when Terry was arrested, he used an expletive to say that he messed up but never confirmed or denied killing Kendra Stokes.

Stokes' mother is convinced that Terry is guilty.

"Makes my stomach quiver. Just makes my stomach sick just to look at him, just to be in the same room. But I just have to be there just so we can have some justice done," said Phyllis Rodgers.

The autopsy showed that Stokes had seven gunshot wounds to the chest and one to the head.

Forensic experts testified Wednesday that a stain in Terry's car was from Stokes.

The trial should wrap up Friday.