Day Three of Living Without Power or Water After Snow Storm

Roanoke Co., VA - Appalachian Power crews have been working 14 hour shifts every day since the snow storm Thursday in an effort to restore power to thousands of customers.

One family in Roanoke County has been living without electricity for three days now.

Early Thursday afternoon, Deirdre Rea was excited for the first big winter storm.

"I even put on Facebook, 'I'm so excited! I'm going to put a roast in the oven and sit back and watch the snow fall and have everything smell good,'" she said.

But around 6 p.m., the lights started to flicker in her home.

"I said, 'Oh this is not good,'" remembered Rae.

Her family has been without power ever since struggling to stay warm. She says it's not so bad during the day, but it gets frigid as soon as the sun sets.

"We actually set up bedding and everything here, we left the propane fire on all night long and we had to sleep here," said Rae pointing to blankets and pillows on the floor of her living room.

But she says sleeping in the living room isn't the worst of it.

"We run on a well system up here and we need electricity to pump the well so without that we have no water," she said.

That means no showers, no toilet flushing, and no clean dishes.

But the mess shouldn't last long; Appalachian Power has been out in full force. They've also hired contractors and created extra staging centers around affected areas.

"Said we would try to have everybody on by Sunday night," said Herbert Coles, who's supervising a staging area in Roanoke County.

In the meantime, the Rea's were able to get a generator to charge their phones.

Siobhan Rea, Deirdre's daughter, says not having a computer has been really hard.

"I can get on Twitter on my phone, so that's been saving me. But besides that, no Internet, nothing."

Todd Burns, the spokesperson for Appalachian Power, says crews always start restoring power to areas where the most people are affected. So unfortunately for the Rae family, that puts them toward the bottom of the list.