Danville's WWII Cannon Completed By Inmates

Danville, VA - A piece of history is now back in place in Danville, all thanks to some inmates.

A World War II cannon needed a lot of work, from a new coat of paint to replacing the tires.
A few months ago, the Danville Adult Detention Center director arranged for nearly a dozen inmates to work on the project. Wednesday the cannon was returned to West Main Street.
It cost taxpayers only a couple hundred dollars, and the project helped the inmates, too. They got to learn marketable skills during the restoration and life skills that will help them keep a job.
"This cannon was a classic example. We had to get it done right, we had to get it done on time and everybody that was working on it, their piece had to fit into the puzzle so the puzzle made sense when we were done," said Frank Mardavich, Director of Danville Adult Detention Center.
There will be a ceremony for the restored cannon on Monday at 11 a.m.

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