Danville's North Theatre Celebrates Milestone

Danville, VA - A historic cultural landmark in Danville is celebrating a milestone this weekend.

Most Danville citizens are familiar with the North Theatre, which opened in the late 1940s. Since then, the theatre has been through some ups and downs.

Then, a magician from Maryland reopened and revived it last year.

The owner of the historical theatre, Wayne Alan, is now celebrating the one year anniversary of its reopening.

Alan says they've had a very successful year and sees a bright future ahead.

On August 25, 1947, the North Theatre made way for movies and live entertainment in the Southside area.

"There were a lot of beautiful theaters in town. They opened this as Danville's finest, and we still use that tag line, 'the finest in entertainment', Alan said.

After 29 years, the theatre shut down, only to be renovated and back in business in 2005. Its owners shut it down again five years later, however.

Finally, about a year ago, the North Theatre once again got another ray of hope when Wayne Alan, a magician from Maryland bought the theatre, and brought it back to life.

"Fell in love with the building, feel in love with the potential of the building, and began to fall in love with Danville," Alan said. "I have taken on that responsibility to make it a success for Danville because they do need this great performing arts center."

Alan says the past year has been a busy one with several magic shows, bands, and theatre programs filling up seats once again.

"They'll come by and they'll say we're so glad to see the lights on. It gives us some energy that things are turning around," Alan said.

Alan says he still has bigger plans for the North Theatre.

"I want to have things that will appeal to everyone. I want it to be good quality, clean entertainment," Alan said. "Danville is sort I think Virginia's well-kept secret if you will and I hope to, as a magician, I don't normally like to reveal secrets, but this is one I want to reveal."

The North Theatre celebrated its anniversary Friday with a tribute Beatles band.

The celebration will continue Sunday with a magic performance at 3 p.m. Tickets are still available.