Danville's New Alert System

Danville, VA - The Danville area will now utilize a better way{}of alerting its citizens{}during emergencies. By registering your phone at{}, you can be informed via voice message, text, or email in the case of any city emergency.This new faster system for spreading emergency information{}is called "Danville Citizen Alert".Now emergency notification from the city can reach people outside of landlines alone."Significant gaps in 9-1-1 communication databases have been created as more people transition from landline to wireless and Voice Over Internet Protocol phone service," said Steve Dishman, assistant fire chief and director of emergency services. "This new system will help us close those gaps."Those with cell phones are encouraged to register their phones and those with landlines are still registered{}with the city, but may still want to register their phones to receive notifications when away from home.Those registered will receive notifications when hazardous situations which require immediate action arise such as inclement weather and fires in a timely fashion.For more information{}click HERE.{}