Danville's God's Storehouse Giving Out More Boxes Of Food

Danville, VA - More and more folks are in need of food in Danville and God's Storehouse is doing their best to keep up.

In fact, in 2013, they gave out 8% more boxes of food than the year before.
These days big crowds and long lines seem to be the norm at God's Storehouse.

"We're just seeing a lot more people come through our doors. And we are seeing a lot of new people," said Karen Harris, Executive Director of God's Storehouse.
New faces like Toby Carter who started coming to the warehouse last year.
"It's really tough. Don't have money to buy everything that you need. You've got to buy what you need instead of what you want," said Carter.
Carter says getting less in SNAP benefits, has left her with a greater need.
"It just holds me over until I get my check," said Carter.
Carter's not the only one.
Harris says in 2012, they handed out more boxes of food than the year before. And in 2013 the number jumped again, up 8% to over 34,000 boxes.
"It's very tough and just hard to keep up with it," said Harris.
More people and fewer donations are leaving God's Storehouse in a difficult situation. Last year, they gave out nearly twice as much food as they received in donations.
"The difference we had to make up in purchased foods," said Harris.
And the greater numbers of needy families is noticeable.
"Last few times I was here, it was a whole lot of people like this," said Lewis Williamson, Danville resident.
Harris says if this January is any indication, their numbers will keep going up.
God's Storehouse says they could use your help to meet this demand. They are looking for volunteers and donations.
If you want to help go to