Danville's God's Pit Crew Determining What Help Needed in MS

Danville, VA -- Two God's Pit Crew volunteers have been in Hattiesburg, surveying the damage there to figure out whether more people and supplies are needed.

The volunteers says this is bad but not as bad as they've seen from other tornadoes in other areas. The two volunteers spent the day touring the destruction.

James Hodge is one of the God's Pit Crew members who went to Mississippi and said the damage is incredible. Despite the damage, he says there are a ton of volunteers. After a day of surveying, they determined that God's Pit Crew will not send any other members to the area.

Hodge says for every disaster they have to weigh if their help will be greater than their costs. He also says with all of the help that Mississippi is already receiving, not going is their best option.

"By the time we would get here with the volunteers working like they are there wouldn't be a lot for us to do, there is a lot of devastation but a lot of people working. It's local people helping local people, which is great," said Hodge.

Hodge says they are still assessing the area to determine if sending supplies will be helpful. God's Pit Crew says they are always ready if they see the need.