Danville's Dirty Dan Dash A Huge Success

Danville, Va-- Almost 200 people got completely covered in mud today in Danville's first ever mud run. It was called the Dirty Dan Dash and it was put on by the Danville Parks and Recreation.

The Dirty Dan Dash was a 3.7 mile race throughout downtown Danville. There were 11 obstacle courses, off-road running and course plenty of mud. Hundreds gathered at the community market to participate.

"It's great to have a big event like this in our own backyard, "said communication specialist for Parks and Rec Russell Carter. "We want people to know that they don't have to go out of town to have this much fun."

Some runners have done mud runs before, but for others, this was a brand new experience.

"Honestly, I just thought it'd be a fun thing to do on a Saturday morning," said runner Sarah Ramirez." I had the opportunity and I didn't really want to pass it up."

"It seemed like a good opportunity to get away from campus and do a nice run with the obstacles too," said runner Andrew Hunn.

Although runners say they had a great time, they also say some parts of race were pretty challenging.

"Probably the hardest obstacle was crawling through the mud because it was absolutely freezing," said Ramirez.

"Some of the obstacles were hard, especially really long up the hill run," said runner Jonathan Patterson.

"It's not just a run, you have to incorporate the physical aspect too, getting over those obstacles," said Hunn.

"Be prepared to not only be physically strained but mentally strained," Ramirez said. It's some really tough stuff climbing up and down mud hills, a lot of jumping over things and a lot of like crawling through again freezing cold mud, so kind of have the mental preparation."

But when it's all over participants say they feel a sense of accomplishment. Sarah Ramirez was the first female to run past the finish line.

"I'm really proud of myself, that was quite the experience," Ramirez said.

All the proceeds from the race go to the Danville Youth Athletic Scholarship Fund. Event organizers say it was such a success, that they will definitely have another one next year.