Danville's Annual River District Festival A Success

Danville, VA - The third annual River District Festival was held over the weekend in Danville.

The festival is a time where the community gets together to celebrate the growth of downtown.

For the third year in a row, the sound of music has kept Downtown Danville buzzing.

The River District Festival is way to showcase the revitalization of the area, and to keep people enthusiastic about their city.

The festival is also a chance for people in the community share with the public their passions.

A 14-year-old entrepreneur from Chatham saw this as a perfect opportunity.

"I'm selling the wreaths that I made. Some kids like to play basketball, do sports and read books in their spare time, but I like to be creative and do wreaths," said Kellie Gunter, Owner of Kellie's Wreaths.

The Danville Area YMCA made fitness part of the festival.

"The Y is sponsoring the Family Adventure Race. We really wanted to get an activity that would be great for families to come on down and really enjoy the River District while having fun together and encouraging fitness," said Sarah Folmar, CEO Danville Area YMCA.

The International Plaza at the festival aimed to give people a taste of different cultures.

"We have artifacts and art from several countries represented her to share the diversity that is here in Danville," said Marietta Sanford.

Another big part of the River District Festival is the Imagine Children's Festival. Parents headed over to the Carrington Pavilion to have plenty of fun with the kids.

"We came last year and it was a wonderful time. Everybody likes to come out and support the community and like I said have a good time. Out little niece she's going to be in the trapeze show later, so we're looking forward to watching her being in that," said Frank Wilkerson, who brought his family to the festival.

"We're really enjoying ourselves. She loves it," added Robin West.

Juliet Simms, from last season's TV show "The Voice" was the festival's headliner. Unfortunately her performance was canceled last minute.