Danville's Amcor Tobacco Packaging Plant to Close

Danville, VA - Officials from Amcor Tobacco Packaging announced Wednesday that they are closing the company's manufacturing facility in Danville.

The Danville plant employs 67 workers. Officials say about 35 employees will lose their jobs because of the closure. The others will have the opportunity to work at Amcor's Richmond or Reidsville plants.

Amcor Tobacco Packaging operates four manufacturing plants in the U.S., including the Danville location along with operations in Richmond, Reidsville, and Atlanta, which also serves as the headquarters for the ATP Americas business. The business employs approximately 460 employees across all four sites.

They say the plant, which manufactures boxes and cartons for tobacco products and chewing gum, is scheduled to stop production in June and close completely by August 2013.