Danville Workers Take Advantage of Warm Weather

Danville, VA -- A lot of people have been outside enjoying the weather on Tuesday. And for those who have to be outdoors, it's almost perfect.

Some workers say it increases productivity. When your body is cold and fingers are difficult to move, they say it can be a challenge to work as quickly.

Rain or shine,it's a job that has to get done.

"This is exceptional right here," said Benny Alford, construction worker.

With 70-degree temperatures in December, workers like Alford happily trade in gloves for short sleeve shirts.

"I kind of like it. That way, I don't have to worry about the cold and can work outside and do the things that we need to do and just keep things going," said Alford.

When the temperature is higher, many say the work gets done more quickly.

"I guess the warmth helps a little bit. Cool kind of slows us down a little sometimes but most of the time we go pretty good," said Alford.

"It's helped us out a whole lot because at least we have some work we can really be doing," said Earl Vipperman, Owner of E.V.E. Incorporated

Across town, Vipperman's crew says the warmth allows them to do work now, that normally they would have to hold off on.

"We would maybe do the preparation and then have to take and patch anything we could and then just let it stay until Spring," said Vipperman.

Even firefighters enjoy the warmer weather because no matter the temperature, when the trucks are dirty, they are outside with hoses.

"Rain, sleet or snow we are out here washing them. So today [Tuesday] the weather today is really nice to be out here washing them," said Firefighter Neil Bailey.

Some workers even say it's like an early Christmas present.

"I love this type of temperature right here," said Alford.

The only negative is the fire danger. Firefighters say when they go out on a call, they have to wear their heavy suits, something that's much easier when it's colder out.