Danville Woman Worries About 'No Parking' Sign

Danville, VA - A Danville woman says a recent move to make her street safer could risk her safety.

For decades, Elizabeth Fitzgerald parked right in front of her house. Now, the city has added "no parking" signs there.

Fitzgerald says she's never seen any accidents in front of her house. For now, she's parking next door, but says that is only a temporary solution.

"Real frustrating," said Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald knows Cunningham Street all too well. She's lived on it for nearly three decades. Last week, though, she says two little signs added to the road made a big difference to her well-being.

"I left on Wednesday morning and when I left they had put up a no parking sign there on the lower end of my property line," said Fitzgerald.

She is a woman in her 60's with health problems.

"I have nerve damage in both my feet and my legs and it's a problem," said Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald and her handicap tag indicate she needs to park closely. But these new additions means she has to walk just a little further.

"I have to walk down here in the dark and I'm really afraid to even try to attempt to do that," said Fitzgerald.

"She needs to be able to get in and out of her house or get things out of her car without complications," said Timothy Oliver, Elizabeth's Godson.

While Fitzgerald calls the situation a danger, the city thinks otherwise. Danville Public Works representatives say the signs and paint are necessary.

Before, drivers would have to maneuver to the wrong side of the street to get around a parked car and they say this hill leaves drivers blind to oncoming traffic.

Fitzgerald says the move puts her in danger.

"If I park across the street I'm in danger trying to get from the parking space to my house because I could very easily get hit by a car trying to cross the street," said Fitzgerald.

Public works say that they have offered to pay to widen the asphalt area in front of Fitzgerald's house. But she says that would mean they would need to cut down trees in her front yard.

Fitzgerald says she's hoping for a better solution.