Danville Woman Makes Perfume for Family in Need

Danville, VA -- A Danville woman has been making perfume for decades, but now she says her perfume will make a huge difference for local kids who have been through tragedy. The proceeds of a raffle, with her perfume among other things, will go to two kids who lost their mother in 2011.

Sabrina Kirby had heard of the tragedy surrounding Jordan Griffin. She knew Griffin was killed in 2011 and left behind two young kids. But Kirby never knew how she could be of any help.

"I had already had my heart on those children and I had been praying on it for the last year," said Kirby.

Then, she stopped for gas and started talking to Jordan's father, Tim Griffin.

"Through us talking and he mentioning his daughter I realized that you know I have heard her name," said Kirby.

It was that conversation that sparked an idea, Kirby could help the family in the way she knew best.

"I was like I want to make a fragrance with her name on it," said Kirby.

And she decided to go one step further, make and donate Valentines themed baskets for a raffle and give the proceeds to Jordan's kids.

"When I met this man it put me in connection with those children and this is what I'm doing for the children," said Kirby.

"Someone finally come out and tried to give me a little support," said Griffin.

Each two dollar ticket, Griffin says will add up and that money will go into a trust fund.

"It will make a tremendous difference. It would really bless the family," said Griffin.

Kirby made the perfume with Jordan in mind, combining scents that she would have liked. And Kirby says now this money will go to a good cause.

"Do it for those children. And that's what I am doing it for," said Kirby.

Kirby says this is the first time she has named a perfume for someone. She plans to sell bottles of it after the raffle is over on February 13. You can get it at the Exxon on Main Street and Holbrook.