Danville Woman is Once Again Grand Champion Biscuit Maker

Amie Cook- Bake Off Champion

A restaurant manager in Danville is the "Grand Champion of Biscuitville" two years in a row.

"Amie Cook" at the Patton street location took home the title after a bake off.

The competitors are judged on technique, speed and size of the biscuit dough.

In six minutes she makes a batch of dough that will yield 30 biscuits.

From start to finish the process takes 16 minutes.

Some of the criteria expected is, be the best measurer, mixer and kneader to win the grand prize of a medal, a plaque and one thousand dollars!

"Practice makes perfect and the secret ingredient is what I tell all my customer's- LOVE- love makes the difference, if you don't love what you do then there's no point in doing it" said Amie Cook.

Biscuitville has sponsored the contest for a lot of years, and she says the goal is to have bragging rights for the entire year.