Danville Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Needs Help

Danville, VA - The Southside Virginia Wildlife Center in Danville says they need the public's help to grow.

The center has been open for a while now, but they haven't reached their full potential of taking care of wild animals simply because they don't have the resources.

From raccoons to deer, the wildlife center does not turn an animal away. They have turned some volunteers away because of their capabilities, however, which they hope will soon change.
Tanya Lovern spends hours taking care of wildlife from around the region. Just this year alone, Lovern has taken in hundreds of animals.

"If I've had 300 animals this year, I've basically saved 300 wild animals from being euthanized or killed," said Lovern.

The animal-whisperer could use a little help of her own, though. She has six volunteers now, but has seen interest from nearly 30 others.
"A lot of the volunteers would come to the center to help and I don't want them put in harms way," said Lovern.
The problem is Lovern takes in many animals that have to be quarantined for nearly a month to make sure they don't have rabies. Bringing in volunteers near the animals could be dangerous, though. The solution sits just next door, in an abandoned building with a lot of potential.
Lovern says if she can find help to fix up the empty building, it could save her nearly $3,000 in work. Then she could house the quarantined animals in a new location. The end result would allow volunteers to safely join the team in the first building.
"Only volunteers who feel comfortable going in that building knowing there are quarantined animals could do so," said Lovern.
The goal would be to get electricians, contractors, and other experts before her busy season in March.
Lovern says she could also use donations such as wire and fencing and of course money.
If you want to help you can contact Lovern at (434)334-8968 or you can send a donation to P.O. Box 11854, Danville, VA 24543.