Danville Voters Ready for Election to Be Over

Danville, VA - It's nearly impossible to have missed the countless campaign strategies to get your vote, and a lot of people are tired of it.

"Just to hurry up and get it over with! I'm just tired of hearing all the talk and signs and stuff," said voter Anthony Walker.

Everywhere you turn there's a commercial, a sign or an ad - all for a campaign.

"They are everywhere," said Jessica Epps.

Virginians have been bombarded over the last few months with election pushes all to get their candidate's name selected when you go to the polls.

But what are most voters simply sick of by now? Most say the commercials, particularly negative ads, top their list.

Voters say their mail boxes -both at home and on the computer - are often full and polluted with campaign material.

"All the slips of paper that come in the mail could have probably torn down a forest," said Jason Liepe, a voter.

"Oh Lord! I get a stack of those every day. Six or seven of them sometimes," said another voter.

Add in phone calls and social media, and voters say they can't escape it.

"Every day a half dozen phone calls, maybe more," said Kevin Keys, a voter.

"Tired of the phone calls. I can't get on Facebook without seeing something about the election," said Epps.

"Everybody talking about it on there. I think everybody is tired of seeing that," said voter Lea Abercrombie.

But most voters can agree that they're ready for the election to be over.

"The phone calls, the emails. Hopefully the outcome I'm dreaming of will happen today, and it will all be worth it," said Keys.