Danville Voters Went to the Polls in Great Numbers

Danville, VA - Danville voters are doing their part on Election Day, with the registrar reporting a citywide turnout of 50 % at 3 p.m.

Poll workers say the lines were constant and even longer than they remember in previous elections.

The registrar says they expect the numbers to taper off as the day goes on, but the city is right on track with where they were four years ago and could possibly surpass that by the end of the day.

Voters came out to the polls early and didn't stop coming throughout the day.

"When we opened this morning, they were standing in line to get in, " said Precinct 4 Chief Mary Moorefield.

Moorefield has been working the polls for a number of years and she says this year has been very hectic with people voting inside and outside of the precinct building.

"We've had some curbside voters too. If they're handicap, we'll go out to their car and vote them, " said Mortified.

Across town, Moore field's husband Eugene was also working the polls.

He thinks the flood of emails, ads and telephone calls made by campaign workers had a large impact on this year's turnout.

"All the telephone calls and all the writing and printing - it's paid off. People have really come out to vote, " said Eugene Moorefield.

Most voters didn't seem to be complaining despite the wait.

"When I went in, it was a long line, but worth the time waiting, " said Danville voter Tom Hairston.

Some even made it a family affair, bringing their little ones out to the polls with them.

Len Williams and his wife Amanda said, "It should be a family experience. We like to instill that voting is important."

"As a citizen of the greatest country in the world, it is my responsibility to be a contributor, and I can contribute a little something to the betterment of my community, " said Moorefield.