Danville Veterans Support Protest in Washington D.C.

Danville, VA - As the veterans are made frustrations known in D.C., they were not alone. Veterans across our viewing area gathered at local monuments and memorials to show their support.

Two veterans in Danville said they feel forgotten and unappreciated by the government. Like many others, they hope all of this ends soon.

Hundreds of veterans gathered at the World War II Memorial in D.C., fed up with the government shutdown, and the closing of national memorials.

On top of that, the Department of Veteran Affairs announced that they won't be able to pay disability and GI Bill benefits if the shutdown continues through the end of the month.

With all of this uncertainty, more and more veterans are speaking out. Among them, are Like the Danville vets who came out to the Veterans Memorial in Dan Daniel Park.

"Why do I think it's important? Because I think veterans in general are forgotten, I know they're forgotten," said Roy Kaywood.

Although small in number, they said they know they have a big crowd where they really need it.

"I know in Washington, there's a greater number of people. I would like to think the administration would realize there's a whole lot of unhappy people," said Kaywood.

People unhappy with the treatment of America's heroes and freedom defenders.

"It bothers me that somebody that's willing to put their lives down on the line to defend our country is forgotten," said Kaywood. "And we're the first ones to be put in line by this administration to forget."

They said whenever a solution is reached to open the government back up, they hope it solves some of our nation's problems.

"My main frustration is that it's not going to be effective," said Kaywood. "That they won't stick in it long enough to do something about debt."

"We need to stop this constant debt," said Mac McKinney.

3.8 million veterans don't know if they'll be getting their benefits check in November.

On top of that, there are now 435,000 veterans in the VA's disability claims backlog just waiting for a response from the government.

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