Danville Utilities Warns Restaurants About Bill Scams

Danville, VA-- Danville Utilities is warning restaurant owners about bill scams.

They said someone has called two local restaurants this week claiming to be a Danville Utilities representative.

The caller said the restaurant owner forgot to sign a check for a utilities bill, and prompts them to transfer the money to an account provided by the caller. However, the account number provided is linked to a pre-paid credit card and is then transferred.

One restaurant owner we spoke to was shocked scammers are now targeting restaurants.

"If somebody called asking me for money and to transfer to an account that I didn't know, I'm going to check all the stages to make sure something's got to be legitimate before I send someone our hard earned money," said Owner Jake's On Main Connie Eckman.

Danville Utilities says a customer who fails to sign their check would be notified by letter not by phone. If you get such a call, you should hang up immediately.