Danville Utilities Preparing Customers for Winter

Danville, VA-- The weather is pretty warm and pleasant right now, but it is not early to be thinking about the cold weather.

Danville Utilities is already getting their customers ready for the winter season.

They announced on Thursday they're now offering a free gas pilot lighting service. The cost is usually $30, but if you sign up on or before September 13, they'll relight your furnace pilots for free.

They say it's best to take advantage of the deal now, and not wait until there's a huge demand for their service.

"We offer the service free early," said Eric Walker, Key Accounts Manager at Danville Utilities. "It prevents us from having that mad rush at the end when it gets cold."

If you'd like to take part in this service, call the Danville Utilities Water and Gas dispatch office at (434) 799-5284.