Danville Talks About David Wilson Making NFL History

Danville, VA -- David Wilson made NFL history in Sunday's game between the New York Giants and the New Orleans Saints. With roots in the Southside, all of Danville was cheering him on.

Wilson spoke with his parents after the game, and they say he was very excited. His mother told ABC 13 that the Giants knew what David was capable of doing when they picked him. She says she knew it was just a matter of time until they saw him break out.

Miles away from the game, David Wilson's biggest supporters were glued to the TV, watching his every move, and screaming at the screen. The number 22 rookie took over the game by breaking records and proving his place in the NFL.

"His name will go in the history books I guess," said Dwight Wilson, Wilson's father.

Wilson became the first person in NFL history to get 200 return yards and 100 rush yards in the same game. He also scored three touch downs.

"I said this is probably going to jumpstart his career right here," said Shelia Wilson, Wilson's mother.

His biggest fans knew he could do it all along.

"Makes you feel like a proud parent," said Dan Newell, Wilson's former coach.

"That's his lifetime dream. To see him fulfill it, it was exciting for me," said Dwight Wilson.

But even wide receiver Victor Cruz took note.

"Victor Cruz said he was by far the most athletic person on the team," said Dwight Wilson.

"For them to stand up and say that he did that well, that really touched David," said Shelia Wilson.

Danville fans had gotten used to his many talents, but his signature backflips turned heads.

"He would just kind of out of the blue decide to pop off one and do a back flip or a front flip or some other kind of aerial acrobatics so it's nothing I hadn't seen before," said Newell.

Family and friends say they expect to see more games like Sunday's in David's future.