Danville Superintendent Will Split Time Being a Principal

Danville, VA - Danville Superintendent Sue Davis announced Wednesday she would be the Glenwood Elementary School principal as well as the district superintendent.

The district, which is facing a $13 million budget gap, had an opening for a principal after closing W. Townes Lea Elementary and moving the current Glenwood Elementary Principal to another school.

Davis said in order to save the district the cost of hiring a new principal, she would take on the position, full-time, free of charge.

Davis admit's it won't be easy, but the former elementary school teacher says she's looking forward to being able to work with students again.

"The primary challenge will come from scheduling, events, activities, and when I need to be two places at once. But there are many times now that I need to be two places at once. And with all the changes that we're going to have to put in place, because we know right now we'll face a multi-million dollar gap next year, we're doing everything we can to save money now," said Davis.

She begins her dual role in June.