Danville, Southside, Get a Taste of Winter Weather

Danville, VA - For the first time in a long time, it was actually the south end of our viewing area that ended up with significant snowfall Saturday Afternoon.

Most of the time, winter storm storms produce more snow to the west, into the mountains. Since the low pressure area tracked east Saturday, most of the moisture was able to fall near the Carolina border into Pittsylvania, Charlotte, and Halifax Counties Saturday.

The snow fell heavy at times, making for a few slick spots.

A heavy band of snow made visibility very low at times, despite temperatures above freezing.

The southside area was underneath a powerful jet stream, which helped to focus heavier bands of snowfall.

Black ice is now a concern into Sunday Morning as temperatures drop.

Most areas had between 1-3" of snow Saturday in the region.

-ABC Meteorologist Jamey Singleton