Danville Sheriff's Office to Hand Out Jail Exit Pamphlet

Danville,VA-- The Danville Sheriff's Office is taking some new measures to help decrease their jail population.

Sheriff Mike Mondul is working on putting a pamphlet together to give to inmates as they leave jail. The pamphlet gives information on where to get help on things like education, housing and healthcare.

Sheriff Mondul said he hopes this pamphlet will give the inmates an extra push to help better themselves, and not return to jail.

"They'll have a list of resources available to them and, you know, they can say this is what's available to me," said Sheriff Mondul. "Ultimately they're obviously they're accountable for their own actions and making their own decisions. The least we can do is take a step to help."

They hope to be done with the pamphlet by next week and will start handing it out immediately.