Danville Science Center Gets Big Donation for Digital Dome Theater

Danville, VA-- The Danville Science Museum just got $100,000 to boost one of its major projects.

J.T. Minne Maude Charitable Trust invested in the Digital Theater Dome, which is under construction.

The money will go specifically to the campaign to bring programs to that dome called the "Create the Wonder' campaign.

It's designed to bring digital software, theatrical presentations, and demonstrations to the dome.

"We have some exciting productions. We'll be able to show Starfield's astronomy films that will completely surround you, it'll be beyond anything you've ever seen in this area. It's going to be exciting, " said Jeff Liverman, Executive Director of Danville Science Center.

The science center's executive director says they still have around $1.5 million to raise for the Create the Wonder campaign. The dome is set to be completed by February 2014.