Danville School Officials Introduce School Bus Code of Conduct

Danville, VA - School bus drivers in Danville say they're fed up with students misbehaving on the bus.Sandra Dillion has been a school bus driver for almost 25 years and safety is her top concern, but she says she's seen student misconduct increase in recent years.Dillion says that can be dangerous for all on board."If a child is back there fighting and we have to take our eyes off the road, it can be really distracting, " Dillion said.After talking with drivers and concerned parents, Director of Transportation Michael Adkins decided to take action."One of the things that we felt we could do is to come up with a written code of conduct for the school bus to go along with our school code of conduct, " Adkins said.School board members voted unanimously to adopt a code, as well as a contract that parents and students must sign. The new policy will lay out expectations for students and consequences for misconduct."In order for us to have success, we really need for our children's behavior to change, " said Adkins.The Director hopes the contract will teach students accountability, but he also hopes it will encourage parents to do their part as well."We need parents to step forward and say, 'I understand this. I want to work with you. I want to help you change that behavior so that my child and every other soul on that bus is safe,'" Adkins said.Adkins says revisions are being made to the code right now and once it's approved, it will go into effect next school year. They plan to send it to parents and post it on the Danville Public Schools website.