Danville Residents Want to Score Deal on Cars Damaged in Flooding

Danville, VA - The floodwaters that rushed into Danville a couple of weeks ago-have a lot of people looking for a deal.

At Robert Woodall's dealership, they've gotten call after call about buying a flooded car. They lost 42 cars to the flooding but immediately towed them away where they would be used for parts.

Manager Robbie Woodall says they've received dozens of calls from people trying to buy or resell the cars at a lower price. But they do not want to risk their reputation of selling quality cars by selling a few bad ones.

"We have too good a reputation to worry about selling a car that has damage. We've got over 600 cars that are really good, we don't need to 42 cars that are bad," he said.

The cars were insured, however they still lost money because they can't get revenue from those destroyed cars.