Danville Residents React To Re-Opening Of Post Office

Danville, VA - The Danville Post Office on Main Street is back open for business. It re-opened Tuesday after being closed since the beginning of December.

According to a spokesperson, the location closed because it didn't pass an inspection check when they found old paint that may have contained lead or asbestos. Since then, they say crews have fixed the problem. In the past six weeks, many customers were upset about the closure and city council even requested it to re-open.
"I'm certainly very excited about it, this is much more convenient in relation to where I live," said Henry Shiflett.

"I am really excited that it have opened here. When the girl told me they was going to open back there, I said 'Woo! Thank you Jesus!'" said Danville resident Alle Edmonds.
The Post Office says the paint issue never put employees or customers in any danger.

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