Danville Resident Wants Historical Information About Elementary School

Danville, VA-- No one ever wants to hear that their school is going to close, especially those who made memories while in attendance.

In a few months, I. W. Taylor Elementary School in Danville will close its doors. 'It's one of three elementary Schools the school board voted to shut down

One former student who wants the school's legacy to live on. Carolyn LaViscount went to school there back in the late 50s. Now, she is on a mission to honor Irwin W. Taylor with a historical marker.

"They're beautiful memories. Ms. Law... I know how to poach an egg because of Ms. Law," said LaViscount.

LaViscount attended I. W. Taylor Elementary School from 1958 to 1966. Back then, the school was segregated. It's named after an influential African American named Irwin Taylor.

"It was name for him because of the work that he had done as an educator and a civic leader here in Danville," said LaViscount.

When LaViscount heard that the school was going to be shut down this June, she understood. But, wanted Taylor's legacy to be remembered.

"Bottom line was couldn't something be done to commemorate the school and the legacy, understanding that once Taylor was no longer a school, that name would be gone," said LaViscount.

She started researching Taylor, both online and with local historians, but found nothing.

"Living in the segregated environment that we lived in, there was no real recordings about black accomplishments in our local press," LaVisount said.

So now she's reaching out to the public for help, to gather information about Taylor that may be published on Danville's School Board website. The emails have already started to roll in.

"We were taught to be ladies and gentlemen in society. We were allowed to express ourselves through dance recitals," LaVisount read in one of the emails.

LaVisount is working with city council to have a local historical marker placed in front of the school.

She also wants E. A. Gibson and William F. Grafty, both who had Danville schools named after them, to be honored.

If you have information to contribute to her efforts you can call her at 434-793-7611 or email her at