Danville Public Works Nearly Finished Clearing Streets

Danville, VA - Danville's residential roads are almost completely cleared. Public Works finished plowing the primary and secondary streets Thursday and a lot of people are grateful for that.

Throughout most of the city, the roads are passable as of Friday afternoon but you still need to take precautions.
Curtis Terry has more than Valentine's Day to celebrate. After two days of being snowed in, he finally has a clear street to take to work.

"It's very important because I can't miss no days," said Terry.

With a blocked driveway and even worse road, Terry didn't know how he would get his car out. That's where his neighbor, appropriately nicknamed 'Handy Randy' comes in. Since the storm struck, he's been hitting the pavement shoveling driveways and helping out neighbors.
"I'm just friendly. They might need to help me one day. It ain't about no money, it's about friends helping friends, neighbors helping neighbors," said 'Handy Randy' Hairston.
"I'm very appreciative, helped me get my car from where it was at to right here," said Terry.
Terry also found relief in the form of a snow plow that visited his neighborhood this afternoon.
"When he came through here, I just stopped him and flagged him down, and asked if he could get my street so I could get out and go to work tonight," said Terry.
Danville Public Works hasn't stopped plowing since the snow started.
"We're working all of our trucks in the residential area now," said Rick Drazenovich, Director of Public Works.
They strategically plowed the roads starting with primaries and now on to residential. Drazenovich says it comes at a big cost, more than $150,000 and hours of labor, but they've prepared for it.
"I thought the crews did a very good job," said Drazenovich.
After residential roads are completed, they will clean up the River District. then, like everyone else, hope for a break in the forecast.
"I was happy it came but I'm glad it was ready to be gone now," said Terry.