Danville Public Schools Set Up Website To Recruit Much Needed Teachers

Danville, VA -- Danville Public Schools have not been this short on teachers this late in the year in more than a decade. They need to fill 45 spots. And now they are trying to find new ways to recruit.

Their new website and has been online since Tuesday night. And as of Wednesday afternoon, they already had over 700 visits to the site from 21 states, with 7 online applications filled out.

Danville Public Schools hope this website will become its newest recruiter.

"It's dedicated solely to teacher recruitment," says Juliet Jennings, Chief Human Resources Officer for Danville Public Schools.

Jennings says they need it. They've had 74 openings throughout the last school year. Leaving them with 49 openings when the year ended and 45 openings now. Usually at this point in the year, Jennings says they have fewer than 30 open teacher positions.

"Our focus has been not so much 'oh my gosh we have this overwhelming number' but what are we doing about it," said Jennings.

At this week's School Board meeting, they launched and .org as well as their use of Google AdWords, leaving the total cost at about $500. They're hoping with just the click of a button they'll be able to recruit teachers from all over the United States to look at schools here in Danville.

School Board Member Steven Gould says while they need to fill those spots, they won't take just anybody.

"We are not going settle for teachers that we don't think will get the job done," says Gould.

And if they can't fill the spots by August they have a Plan B.

"We have a back up back up plan and that is to actually call on some of our veteran teachers that have retired," says Jennings.

We're told they have 13 possible teachers lined up. Just to put in perspective, Lynchburg Public Schools have 36 openings. Roanoke Public Schools is 95 percent staffed but couldn't give us an exact number of openings.