Danville Public Schools Facing Budget Cuts

Danville, VA - Danville Public Schools are facing serious financial cuts because they are down $4.8 million for next year.

School board members have come up with six possible reduction scenarios.

Assistant Superintendent Kathy Osborne says they will likely reduce the number of positions at GW High School to fund the positions at Langston Focus School. They will also likely increase hospitalization premiums passed to employees.

Another scenario includes closing three elementary schools and closing a middle school. But Osborne says Galileo will stay open.

"We know that this time next year everyone won't have a job that has a job right now. We are committed to providing the best education that we possibly can to the students here," said Osborne.

A full list of the reduction scenarios include:

1. Re-aligning GW and Langston to absorb positions lost from termination of 1003g grant. Potential savings: $1 million

2. Any further increases to Hospitalization premiums will be passed to employees. Potential savings: $500,000

3. Consolidating Middle School operations to two campuses. Potential savings: $1,859,782

4. Combining two elementary schools into one new campus (Gibson or Westwood). Potential savings: $559,300

5. Closing three current elementary schools, allocating to other elementary schools and Gibson or Westwood campus. Potential savings: $1,586,603

6. Central office consolidation and reduction. Potential savings: $500,000