Danville Public Schools Face Cuts for Next Year

Danville, VA - Danville Public Schools are facing another challenging budget for next year. The School board has already started discussing how they will make up the $5 million deficit.

All of these ideas are just proposals, but Superintendent Sue Davis says they are considering consolidating or closing three elementary schools and moving the students to either Gibson or Westwood Middle Schools.

They have also discussed consolidating Galileo and moving the program to another school. Another option is moving all of the Middle Schools to one or two campuses. They also say some of the options impact employees including looking at health insurance costs and downsizing the central office.

"It's very very hard to decide and on one side you have students and the other side you have teachers and staff. And it's very hard decisions that our board must make," said Davis.

None of the schools have been identified but they say G.W. High School, Bonner, and schools with more than 600 kids are safe.