Danville Public Schools Chosen for Promethean's Adopt-A-Class Pilot Program

Danville, VA- One international company that specializes in educational technology is giving Danville Public Schools more than $43,000 worth of equipment.It's part of Promethean's Adopt-A-Class Pilot Project, and Danville Public Schools is the first in North America to take part.They will have one interactive white board and 32 student response system devices. All the equipment will enforce interactive learning and keep the classroom up to speed with the Digital age.A teacher will have software called ClassFlow that will allow for cloud-based teaching and lesson planning. All the students in that classroom will also have Promethean's KUNO tablet.Danville Public Schools Superintendent said the best thing about the KUNO is that the students will be able to take it home."It connects them to anytime anywhere learning. It provides a learning opportunity 24 hours a day for students. It extends the classrooms from four walls to your home, to the park, to anywhere in our city," said Dr. Edward Newsome, Danville Public Schools Superintendent. The superintendent said they haven't chosen which classroom in which school will receive all this new technology. However, he said it will most likely be an elementary school, and it will be in place next school year.