Danville Pre-Schoolers Start Swimming Lessons During School Day

Danville, VA-- Thursday is Healthy Youth Day in Virginia and some children in Danville were definitely staying active.

Four year-olds from Grove Park Pre School were taking swimming lessons at the YMCA.They will be taking these lessons twice a week during the school day, to learn water safety and basic swimming.

Grove Park Pre-School Principal said these lessons are a good way to prepare the children for when they have more contact with water during the summer time.

"We've got a lot of water around Danville, you've got Smith Mountain Lake, Hyco, the river itself, pools all over the city, we just want these kids to respect water and what a great way to learn how to swim," principal Dr. Sandra Andrews said.

The swimming lessons were made possible by the Womack Foundation. They provided $8,000 grant for the program.