Danville Police Will Continue to Use Catchpoles After Dog's Death

Danville, VA - Questions are arising about how animal control officers catch unruly dogs.On Monday, a dog died after Danville Animal Control Officers restrained it with a catchpole. Now, many, including the owners of the dog, are wondering if catchpoles should still be used.Police are apologizing for the tragic death of the dog, but stand by their decision of using the catchpoles, and say they will continue to use them.Beth and Edward Warren are still dealing with the sudden death of their seven-year-old German Shepherd mixed dog, named Brody."I just didn't know why he had to go like that," said Edward Warren."We were notified that there was an animal acting aggressively on Cluster Street. Officers responded and Animal Control responded," said Captain Dennis Haley, with the Danville Police Department.Police said after several attempts to attach a catchpole around its neck, both departments were finally able to catch him. However, the dog tried to break free, so they had to use a second catchpole. They finally got Brody into the cage where he then collapsed and died."I was very devastated. Now I am totally against catchpoles," said Beth Warren.A necropsy found the dog died from strangulation due to the combination of the pressure of the catchpoles, and confined space of the cage.Danville Police apologize but said they did everything that they're trained to do ."If you resort to the taser, animals will frequently expire because it causes issues with their heart. The nets work for cats, and even then, the animal control officer usually winds up with some scratches with the net. So at this point, the catchpole is the best option they've got available," said Captain Haley. The Danville Area Humane Society also said catchpoles are vital, but plans to refresh Danville Police on the basics of using a one. "We'll focus on recognizing the signs of an aggressive dog and how you can diffuse that situation," said Paulette Dean, Executive Director of the Danville Area Humane Society.
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