Danville Police Warning Against Hot Cars

Danville, VA - Danville police are warning everyone about the dangers of leaving a child or pet in hot cars. So, they will have a police vehicle in parking lots throughout the summer warning of the dangers.

Friday, the car was in Sam's Club on Piedmont Drive. Signs in the car read 'child neglect and animal cruelty are criminal offenses.' It also lists the code numbers for the felony charges. Inside the car is a thermometer which shows just how hot a car can get. It also says 'hot cars kill.'
"The radiant heat coming off the asphalt is going to heat the thing from the bottom, the sun broiling down on is going to heat it from the top. So anything inside, and then you add the glass composite to that, it's just like an oven," said Cpl. T. B. Scearce, Danville Police Department.
Police suggest you never leave a child or a pet in a car at any temperature, but especially when it is this hot.