Danville Police Urging People to be Alert After Deadly Stabbing

Danville, VA - Danville police really want you to be alert as they work to figure out whether or not a homicide early Monday morning was random.

Police say be extra cautious about your surroundings.

Police say Martin Cowan, 56, was stabbed multiple times while leaving work at a convenience store on South Boston Road just after midnight.

If you have to be out at night, police urge you to make sure you know what's going on around you, that way you can call them to report suspicious activity.

"If you're out late at night, people that you don't know, something unusual. Maybe somebody that approaches you for a request that is not normal. Anything that you just don't feel good about," said Lt. Mike Wallace of the Danville Police Department.

Police say they are looking for two men in connection to Cowan's murder. There have been no arrests so far.