Danville Police To Use Electronic Summons System To Make Giving Tickets Easier

Danville, VA-- If you live in Danville, a new system will soon make it easier for police to give you a ticket, and it's going to cost you.

Danville Police will soon be using an electronic summons system in their vehicles. Here's how it works: an officer would scan a driver's license, and then the new system would load the information on an electronic form. The officer would print out a ticket while simultaneously sending a copy to the court through wireless technology.

Also, if you get a ticket, there's a $5 fee to pay for this new system.

Police say it will help eliminate errors that sometimes come with handwritten tickets, and it'll also make the process a lot quicker.

"It reduces the citizen's time having to sit on the side of the road with a police car behind them. There's a lot of anxiety in that. It's no fun so we certainly want to make it as painless as we can ,and it will make that process happen more quickly," said Major Chris Wiles with the Danville Police Department.

Police plan to outfit all their marked patrol cars with this technology.