Danville Police Say They're Proud That Violent Crime Rates Have Dropped

Danville, VA - The Danville Police Department is proud of some recent statistics that came out about the city's violent crime rates. According to the latest Virginia State Police Uniform Crime Report, Danville's violent crime rate dropped nearly 14% in 2012 from 2011.

Danville ranked number 21 out of 39 cities in the Commonwealth for violent crimes in 2012. There were only three homicides in the city last year, which is the lowest in recent history Armed robberies were also lower than usual.

Lt. Scott Eanes with the Danville Police Department attributes many things to the decrease including the Street Crimes Unit. They have been able to make a lot of drug arrests, as well as pinpoint where to put more officers.

Eanes says neighborhood watch programs have helped too. Also, with the fewer violent crimes, officers have more time to train and step up patrol. That means they can be preventative with crime in the city.

The report also says that while Danville is 14th in population for cities in Virginia, it ranks second highest for arrest rates for drugs and weapons.

"It gives a sense of stability and safety in the city. We are out there, we are working hard every day trying to stop these violent crimes," said Eanes.

Eanes asks for anyone who sees a crime take place, to always call police.