Danville Police: People Should Be on the Lookout After Recent Violent Crimes

Danville, VA - A string of violent crimes in Danville has people on high-alert.

Thursday night, police say two people were taken to the hospital after a home invasion.

Another home invasion earlier this week turned into a homicide when one of the victims died.

Plus, there have been multiple robberies and a fatal stabbing -- all within just a few weeks.

Police say they do not know if any of these incidents were connected and they are still investigating a possible motive for all of these crimes.

Police say it is unusual to have this many crimes in such a short amount of time.

They ask everyone to be on the lookout for anything suspicious.

"They should be concerned. People should always be concerned for their safety. Folks may want to take extra precautionary measures," said Lt. Doug Crawford with the Danville Police Department.

If you see anything that seems unusual or suspicious please call police at (434)799-6510.