Danville Police Say Homicide Suspects Were Wearing "Scream" Masks

Danville, VA -- Danville police are hoping a pair of movie masks will lead them to two real-life killers. Gilmore Martin Cowan was stabbed to death at the Pure Gas Station.

On Thursday, police held a press conference to reveal that Cowan's killers were wearing these masks, one of which was featured in the "Scream" movies.
They want these pictures to spark someone to come forward with more information about the case.
Danville police brought forward this unusual piece of evidence they found after the stabbing on September 30th. Wearing these Halloween masks, police say two men came up to Cowan as he was leaving his shift at the gas station on South Boston Road.
"He was approached by these two men who were wearing these masks and was stabbed multiple times," said Chief Philip Broadfoot, Danville Police Department.
Police could not reveal a motive, a suspect, or very many clues except that one of the assailants may have also received a cut during the attack.
"This is very serious, this is a murder. This is no joke. This is a very serious crime that we hope the public can help us solve," said Broadfoot.
These masks designed to bring movie horror to life, did just that. The images now haunt Cowan's friends and co-workers.
"It scares me. Scare me basically," said Abdul Khan, Co-worker.
"It's very heartbreaking, it really is because all you can think of with the one mask is the movie Scream. Because of the killings in the movie, that's pretty much what it reminds everyone of," said Lauren Baker, Friend.
Baker can't believe this was the last thing Cowan saw.
"You can never be too sure about what they will be wearing the next time," said Baker.
"Wearing a mask like that, it will give you a heart attack when you look at a person in this mask," said Kahn.
These masks are pretty popular around Halloween. But police are saying if you know of someone who has or has had one of these masks, particularly if they may have recently suffered a cut, please call them at (434)799-6510.
Police say they exhausted every other piece of information they had before they showed these masks to the public. They will still not comment if the attack was random.