Danville Police Hope To Get New Technology For Tickets

Danville, VA - Danville police may soon be more efficient at writing you a ticket. That's because they are working on getting a system called E-Summons.

This is a devise that allows them to put all of your information on a computer system in the field and print it out from their vehicle.
That digital copy would also go to the courts to prevent error and save them time. It also is safer for the officer who wouldn't spend as long looking down to fill out information.
The system doesn't just apply to speeding tickets, but many other offenses they would pull someone over for.
"When you start adding up that time among all those different factors of the system, over the whole system, that saves time and money," said Major C.K. Wiles, Danville Police Department.
The system would cost about $22,000. They are hoping to have them within 18 months.

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