Danville Police Gives Safety Tips for Black Friday Shopping

Danville, VA-- It's almost here, the biggest shopping day of the year. Everyone sees Black Friday as a great chance to get some good deals. However, unfortunately some criminals also take advantage of you on that day too.

According to Danville Police, there's no record of a spike in crime just specifically on Black Friday, but they said between Thanksgiving and Christmas there are a lot more people out and about with valuables and cash, so there's a bigger opportunity for thieves.

They said if you don't want be a victim this season, make sure to not leave any valuables in your car visible. Make sure you keep them in the trunk or under a seat.

Also, when you're out and about in stores, keep your purse with you at all times rather than in the cart. They said it only takes a second for you to turn away from your cart, and your purse is gone.

Another tip, shop with family and friends. That will usually deter criminals.

"Try to maybe shop in a group." said Lt. Jerry Pace. "If you don't have to be by yourself, there's definitely strength in numbers. If you do have to be out by yourself especially in the dark, don't walk around looking like a victim, text messaging while walking across the parking lot, be aware of your surroundings."

Danville Police said they will maintain normal patrol operations, but are also very prepared for this time of the year.