Danville Police Department Has First Free Gun Safety Class

Danville, VA-- The Danville Police Department is making efforts to ensure gun owners in the area are educated about their firearm and are responsible with it.

They started their first free gun safety class today called, "Where's Your Gun?"

The class addressed issues like having a gun with children in the home, how to properly store a gun, and what to do if it gets stolen.

Danville Police said gun theft is common in the area, so they think this is the best way to address it.

"We want people to be responsible in their choices, accountable in their actions," said Corporal T.B. Scearce from the Danville Police Department. "We want them to know some of the legal aspects of what they're getting involved in if they choose to make the choice purchase a firearm or have a firearm in their home."

The next gun safety class will be in September. To find out more about the class or to register, call the Danville Police Crime Prevention Department or click here.

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